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The authors would like to express their gratitude to all the members of the Laboratory of Bioorganic and Molecular Chemistry (Marrakesh, Morocco), the Lignocellulosic Materials Research Center (Trois-Rivières, Canada), and the laboratory of Science of Ceramic Processes and Treatments Surface-European Center of Ceramics (Limoges, France), especially Pascal Marchet and Romain Lucas for their assistance. The swept frequency range was between 100 Hz and 1 MHz [22]. A paper having a density of 0.797 g/cm3, moisture content of 0% and temperature of 210C, is used as a dielectric. The single dielectric relaxation detected towards low frequencies is attributed to hydroxyl groups present on fiber surfaces, in ceramic particles and adsorbed water. The presence of fines presented effects on mechanical, electrical, and surface properties of the sheet. A decline of this magnitude at high frequencies confirms the low contribution of other polarizations. At low frequencies, there is an orientation of permanent dipoles, located at fiber surfaces, while at medium and high frequencies the orientation becomes difficult [35]. The dielectric strength is normally expressed in volt/mm; the voltage at which the insulator breaks down, divided by the thickness in millimeters. As the modes of extraction and bleaching are the same, we can relate these variations mainly to fiber length and conformability, fines percentage, presence of kinks and curves, surface quality, formability, and formation mode [27, 28]. The results show that there is a strong interdependence between the dielectric properties of the loaded paper and surface finish, porosity, dispersion level of ceramic particles, fines content, shape, conformability, and sheet formation. The reflections at the dielectric-air interface confine the electromagnetic fields mainly inside the dielectric region and its immediate vicinity. Indeed, several factors must be taken into consideration: (i) fibers with kinks and curves will generate very uneven surfaces, (ii) porosity is not the same for all handsheets, and (iii) particles dispersion is not the same for the two ceramics. A good dispersion of nanoparticles in the network will promote more fiber-particle interaction. Linear Filtfor DIY capacitorſ Capacitance C=mx-b m (Slope) 16 84 nmd by Intercept) 009785 nF Correlation 0 9089 RMSE 0.09157 nF The dielectric measurements were carried out at room temperature with an impedance meter (Agilent 4294A) using a cell (Agilent 16451B) allowing the direct measurement, without sample metallization. Some values in excess of 21 were recorded for several fibers (Agave, Halfa, Pennisetum, Typha, and TMP) while a typical insulating paper generally does not exceed 4 [7, 42, 43]. According to Nada et al. In a dielectric, electrons are bound to atoms and molecules; hence there are few free electrons. The dielectric constant is generally defined to be κ = E0 E κ = E 0 E, or the ratio of the electric field in a vacuum to that in the dielectric material, and is intimately related to the polarizability of the material. … Starting with the output voltage set to minimum, slowly increase the volts until the material breaks down and the alarm on the Holiday Detector sounds. The porosity of all handsheets is represented in Table 4. The effect of base oil (paraffinic versus napthenic) and additives on the dielectric constant of oils is included in this paper. Dielectric Constant (k) is a number relating the ability of a material to carry alternating current to the ability of vacuum to carry alternating current. In the disordered regions, molecular or dipolar polarization will also be influenced by the proximity and configuration of adjacent molecules. Also, an optimization study aiming at improving preparation conditions has been performed. Paper with strontium titanates shows high dielectric constants. This constant is measured in farads per meter and determines the amount of capacitance that a capacitor can achieve. the presence of fines yields the improvement of the dielectric constant by the creation of dipoles and the increase of contact surface. Relative permittivity is the factor by which the electric field between the charges is decreased relative to vacuum. I, January 1956 Research Paper 2641 Dielectric Constant of Water from 0 0 to 100 0 C C. G. Malmberg and A. The financial support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) is also greatly appreciated. This is the ratio of the field without the dielectric (E o) to the net field (E) with the dielectric: κ = E o /E E is always less than or equal to E o, so the dielectric constant is greater than or equal to 1. The dielectric constant (Dk) of a plastic or dielectric or insulating material can be defined as the ratio of the charge stored in an insulating material placed between two metallic plates to the charge that can be stored when the insulating material is replaced by vacuum or air. They attributed this behavior to a relative freedom of orientation of hydroxyl groups in C6 of the cellulose chain under the action of the electric field in amorphous zones. Dielectric Constant Units: This electrical property is a dimensionless measure. A series of studies determined the electrical properties of paper made from agricultural residue pulps and their linseed oil-impregnated counterparts (e.g., rice straw paper, cotton stalks paper, and bagasse paper) [17–20]. A measurement setup operating at 4 mm was established for making comparison between modeled and measured values. When an external electric field is applied to a dielec- A potential technique for solving this problem relies upon a determination of the dielectric constant of the formation. An experiment is designed to measure the dielectric constant of paper that has an area . Two types of ceramics were used: barium titanate (BaTiO3, ) and strontium titanate (SrTiO3, ). Dielectric relaxation is the momentary delay (or lag) in the dielectric constant of a material. The crystallinity of each sample was determined by X-ray diffraction using a Bruker AXS D8 Advance diffractometer with a scintillation detector and a cobalt tube, with the PANalytical X’Pert HighScore software. Copyright © 2016 Hind El Omari et al. Indeed, this will affect the dielectric properties. The variation in dielectric constant was observed as a function of thickness. A thin isotropic distribution of ceramic particles in the fiber network will result in a sort of percolation and consequently an increase in the dielectric constant. Seven (7) different lignocellulosic pulps were used in this study. The decrease in crystallinity promotes disorder, molecules are less related, and therefore a higher dielectric constant was achieved [39]. Dielectric relaxation is the momentary delay (or lag) in the dielectric constant of a material. A dielectric resonator (DR) is a small piece (disc, cube, or rectangle) of ceramic or other low-loss dielectric material with a high relative dielectric constant ε r, normally in the range of 10 to 100. A similar phenomenon was observed upon the preparation of paper loaded with ceramic particles, despite the use of the retention agent. Different handsheets show a significant increase depending on the load factor except for two fibers: Kraft and Junc (Figure 6). A paper-filled capacitor is charged to a potential difference of Vo = 2.5 V. The dielectric constant of paper is k = 3.7. The incorporation of ferroelectric particles (BaTiO3 and SrTiO3) involves a drop in the mechanical properties of handsheets as shown in Figure 3 (the case of Pennisetum fibers) and Table 3. A. Maryott An equal ratio arm, capacitance-conductance bridge, operated at frequencies below 100 kilocycles per second, was med to measure the dielectric constant of water with an accuracy Pulps have undergone the same treatment. The poor dispersion of particles reduces dipole chains formation in the material between the two plates (Figure 7(c)). List of dielectric constants Substance Substanz Dielectric Constant Oxalo ethyl acetate Oxalessigester 6,0 Oxygen Sauerstoff 1,5 Palm nut/kernel/seed Palmkerne 2,8 Palm seed oil Palmöl 1,8 Palm tree nut Palmkerne 2,2 Palmitic acid Palmitinsäure 2,3 Paper scraps Papierschnitzel 1,2 Paraffin Paraffin 1,6 Paraldehyde Paraldehyd 15,1 Dielectric constant has significantly improved (up to 600%) by liquid electrolyte inclusions in an elastomer matrix. The results of analyses carried out on handsheets are summarized in Table 1. The larger the dielectric constant, the more charge can be stored. Paper; Dielectric constant: 3.7: Dielectric strength: 16 MV/m: 16 MV/m: A dielectric is a substance in which an electric field may be maintained with zero or near-zero power dissipation. Indeed, the introduction of TiO2 nanoparticles in the oil-impregnated paper reduces its constant and dielectric loss [13]. Currently, in developing countries, about 60% of cellulose fibers arise from nonwood plants: bagasse, straw, alfa, flax, sisal, and so forth [2, 3]. After washing with distilled water to neutral pH, the fibers were dried in an oven at 60°C. 2016, Article ID 3982572, 10 pages, 2016., 1Macromolecular and Bioorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Faculty of Science and Technology, Cadi Ayyad University, Abdelkrim El Khattabi Avenue, P.O. The addition of synthetic fibers (polyacrylic) decreased the tangent angle of dielectric loss and improved mechanical properties. The most generally used standard tests to calculate dielectric constant for plastics are ASTM D2520, ASTM D150 or IEC 60250 (ofcourse there exist several other methods as well, but they are not discussed here). We can note from Table 2 that crystallinity in our samples does not really affect the dielectric constant of paper; there is no clear relationship between the two variables. For coated paper the difference between MD and ZD dielectric constants was small. It is also known as electric permittivity. As the dielectric constant increases, the …

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