Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion

The sanitation and hygiene component of our project focus mainly on those basic aspect and key practices that help prevent malaria. Most recent statistic shows that it is a killer disease among children under five years, including Diarrhea and others preventable water-bond diseases. Assessment in 2015 show’s that Liberia faces poor sanitation in Monrovia and others cities continues to be a major problem, especially the collection and disposal of garbage’s.
The situation of poor sanitation has become so embarrassing, because it does not only give a picture to an emerging health crisis, but gives the city poor human face.

Sanitation has important implications for health and human capital development. Poor sanitation causes intestinal diseases that reduce the absorption of calories and nutrients and contribute to malnutrition. These diseases kill babies,

stunt the physical and cognitive development of surviving children, and ultimately reduce their human capital development and earning potential later in life.Poor sanitation gives many infections the ideal opportunity to spread, plenty of waste and excreta for the flies to breed on, and unsafe water to drink, wash with or swim in among human parasitic diseases.

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