Enviromental solid waste Management

Communities and cities suffered pollution due to the lack of proper Waste management and the lack of proper storage facilities. The waste management and disposal assessment conducted in 2015 shows that solid waste management is arguably the greatest public health threat in Monrovia and it surrounding cities. Virtually no waste management sector, along with a lack of proper toilets, means household trash, human feces, and hazardous medical waste is randomly disposed throughout the city, in some areas swelling to piles large enough to block roads. Children walk barefoot through trash heaps, picking through piles that can contain used syringes and bloodied bandages.


RHS Liberia Youth in action in Paynesville, Monrovia

Restoring Hope for Survivors is working with local communities and cities to put into place mechanism to help mitigate waste management Problems. Unlike others environmental issues, poor waste management has posed series of public health problem to the living population. RHS Youth volunteer project is working voluntarily to implement a self supported community base project to tackle waste disposal.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health , counties superintendents and City Majors in the four counties: Margibi, Bong, Nimba and Lofa respectively, our volunteer are conducting research to help the project identify areas and resources to help communities manage their waste center. This approaches is call “community movement for clean and safe environment“, which aim to open a removable waste sites at local communities and cities centers.

RHS Youth volunteers are collaborating with cities authorities to conduct regular visit and call upon the cities corporation for logistical support to transport waste together by the community. The project is also conducting drainage cleaning up exercises  to keeping our waterways clean to avoid flood. In Paynesville, Monrovia , RHS volunteers started the first drainage cleaning up campaign.

Before and  After photograph of the drainage cleaning up exercise at the Cocoa Cola factory in Paynesville, Monrovia, Liberia

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