Our Value

At a time of unprecedented low rate of volunteerism in Liberia and while the government is still faced with the option of tackling the issues, we were self-inspired to define the core values that guide volunteerism. The Cultural code of volunteerism serves as a source of inspiration and direction for our team as we pursue our vision for volunteerism that will improve our communities and survivors and in doing so with no pay. Our value has five (7) pillars:

  1. Comprehensive: For successful, sustainable, long-term volunteer revitalization exercise, a comprehensive approach, including activity in each of Main Street’s Four Points, is essential. (Organization, Promotion, Design, and Economic Restructuring)
  2. Incremental: As public confidence in the implementing areas grows and participants’ understand RHSC Volunteer revitalization exercise process becomes more sophisticated, our guiding principles can tackle increasingly complex problems and projects that are more ambitious.
  3. Self-help: Residents and supporting Donor’s need to see the rewards they will reap by investing time and money into our guiding Principles. Only local leadership and volunteer youth organization can produce long-term success by fostering and demonstrating community involvement and commitment to the revitalization efforts
  4. Partnerships: Both the public and private sectors have a vital interest in the program and we must work together to achieve common goals of our guiding principles through the RHS Liberia volunteers youth revitalization exercise.
  5. Identifying and capitalizing on existing assets: Every community has unique qualities like distinctive structures and human scales that give people a sense of belonging. These local assets or resources must serve as the foundation for all aspects of the revitalization program.
  6. Quality: Emphasize quality in every aspect of our community development volunteer revitalization program. This applies to all elements of the process, from project designs to setup, implementation, promotional campaigns for healthy community and continue education programs.
  7. Implementation: To succeed, our guiding principles must show visible results that can only come from completing projects. Frequent, visible changes are a reminder that the volunteer revitalization effort is under way and succeeding. Small projects at the beginning of the program pave the way for larger ones as the revitalization effort matures, and that constant revitalization activity creates confidence in our guiding principles and ever-greater levels of participation

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