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Our team is a group of pioneers who has decided to put their time and effort to work with our volunteer youth revitalization program. We are young Liberian, well experience volunteers and individual with proven working history with humanitarian organizations both in Liberia and around Africa. With these skills and experience in community development programming and others community development and grant funded project.They are motivated and ready to reach the most vulnerable population surviving crises. We believe that by promoting the integrity of survivors and the underdeveloped communities, it will help promote their live and the lives of the community and others family’s.

Philip Totaye Community mobilization/Program specialist and CEO of RHSC Liberia Inc.

An experienced humanitarian professional with a background in diversified community granted programs development and implementations, skills in monitoring, evaluation, management of multicultural staffing systems with grant-funded program non profit international organizations. He served an expert and is the co-founder and executive officer of RHS Liberia Inc. A graduate with Bachelor of business administration from the university of IPORPAK,  Conakry Republic of Guinea

Isaac Dahn Monitoring & Evaluation Expert and funder and CEO of RHSC USA Inc.

An experience project Design Monitoring & Evaluation expert who migrated to the United States of America with dreams of providing assistance to people whose suffered and survived conflicts globally. He is the Executive officer RHSC USA, student at Southern New Hampshire University School of Health Science and works as independence contractor/consultant with ACS Consultants Inc., Brain House Inc., Quality Management Associates Inc

Morris T. Myers Volunteer county Manager RHSC Liberia Inc.

experience in community mobilization, and nutrition programming

Kou Oretha Dokie Acting Fund Raising Advocate, RHS Liberia Inc

Certified Nurse Assistant and the funded of a community health care organization in Baltimore , Maryland , USA

Milton Taylor Jr.Grant Coordinator, RHS Liberia Inc

A professional humanitarian worker, with background in project proposal writing and community development project…..





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