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Inspired by our mission to improve volunteerism and community participation for healthy, clean communities and a well build capacity of unprivileged school dropout in Liberia most urban or remote communities. Our vision is a volunteer youth for Liberia, with no border and ready at all time. Our strategy to achieve this vision is by partnering with the government of Liberia ,national and international organizations , CBO’s and others local partners to establish, sustain and manage national networks of community volunteer professionals to participate in community development. The following four pillars form the base of our approach in ensuring access to clean and healthy community and education for the underprivileged youth in Liberia.


Building on our years of experience as humanitarian workers and youth volunteers with other’s on the ground organizations, Restoring Hope for Survivors Liberia in collaboration with the Government of Liberia, will support the various Ministries. We are helping the Health ministry in disseminating public health messages, others community driven and healthy promotional messages, a sustainable model of cleaning up campaigns integrating communities into the public-sector health system, through proper community led sanitation and hygiene promotion, which includes community solid waste management.

Restoring Hope for Survivors is also mopping up effects to support the education and youth ministries,  through our  volunteer graphic and fine art training program to help low income and non- supported school dropout who desire is to improve their skill. We also also link other youth students to professional learning institutes and promote sports which serve as the stress free activities for RHS Liberia youth volunteer program.

Drawing on international best practices and the lessons we learned from others international partners and through our volunteer initiatives we will continue to establish our team across Liberia’s cities. Working with the various cities cooperation and the government national development agenda to deploy a network of professional youth volunteer and community research supervisors to identify key areas in youth development and workforce capacity building  and bring lifesaving , public health services to the country’s urban and remote communities.


RHS Liberia Inc, in joint partnership with the various line ministries, will work with the government of Liberia and it partners to deploy hundreds of professional youth volunteers who are bringing life-saving messages, promote clean  and save community initiatives and development to hundreds of communities across our project sites in Liberia.

Through rigorous research, community mobilization and participation, monitoring and evaluation , we will demonstrate those impacts that community youth volunteer have in extending public health services and community development initiatives  and the skills they acquired while working to improve low skill youth and others public health services in urban and remote communities in Liberia.


We will provide technical assistance to the Government of Liberia by closing the gap and reducing the mindset of “work for pay” within the growing population, towards serving the communities in bringing Public health and community development initiatives nationwide through volunteerism, aiming to ensure that thousands of Liberians who need proper sanitation and hygiene, community waste disposal site management and a continue learning for low income and unprivileged school youth and non- supported school dropout in urban and remote communities by 2030.


Recognizing the importance of partnership and collaboration brings about transformation and change, we’re advocating on both the national and global stage for investment in solutions to the broader Public health and development needs of remote communities in the are of sanitation, waste disposal management and continue learning for underprevilige school dropout.


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