Our Model

In the aftermath of the Ebola Outbreak, our volunteer interventions initiative continues as we engage stakeholders, the government of Liberia, community base organizations and women support groups.

Our project remain solid towards establishing a sustainable nationwide youth volunteer movement to mitigate issues surrounding community base sanitation and hygiene promotion, environmental solid waste disposal initiative and establish mechanisms that will help improve low income and non-privilege high school dropout and graduates.

In order creating a better road map in over coming these issues, Restoring Hope for Survivors Liberia youth revitalization project is working in close collaboration with the Monrovia City Corporations, local base sanitary group, the public health division of the Ministry of Health and other cities corporations to promote community development and the clean city initiatives.

Drawing on theories and lesson learned, we will develop through our volunteer initiative program a five-step model to recruit volunteers, identify beneficiaries, soliciting support and manage our volunteer programming through community participation which will provide a better health and clean community. We will institute waste disposal sites through the community waste management committee. And promote participate in building the capacity of youth and individuals who do not have the mean to continue education through donor funding.

Our recruitment

To ensure that we’re choosing or selecting the best individuals to serve in our community youth volunteers’ program, we will work with the local stakeholders, community leaders, other partners and existing structures to recruit talent individual from within the remote communities we serve. Our selection strategies are purely base on volunteerism on which the project is build on to intensify it work across Liberia.


We build capacity

Our Community Volunteer youths’ will continue to receive pieces of on spot training and a walk through on a series of standardized information or modules that will use to support them through their work in the field in collaboration with the Government of Liberia. These on spot training’s provided to our youth volunteer workers regularly, will be a comprehensive set of skills covering .

  • community sanitation and hygiene approaches, community mobilization and the logic model in community entry
  • small waste management handling and response, first aid
  • adult education and other literacy approaches, graphic and fine art, including contact tracing and counseling methods

After completing each step of these courses or on-spot training, our volunteers are given time to develop their new skills in the community before advancing to the next stage of the training


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