Country Manager – Location: Liberia

Job Description

Country Manager – Location: Liberia

Job Summary
The volunteer Country Manager will be responsible for overseeing the entire country RHSC youth volunteer program and volunteer management. This position will be responsible for establishing and nurturing our youth volunteers’ activities, improve partnerships with organizations and other CBO’s and help Restoring Hope for Survivors Liberia Inc. positively impact youth through its volunteer community programming implementation. The primary purpose of these programs is encouraged young Liberian youth to participate into volunteerism and be inspired to lead and continued participation.

The country Volunteer Manager will oversee our Volunteer Program, operation, program management, volunteer recruitment, finance and administration. This position will also serve as a lead coach during programming hours and assist the CEO of RHSC Liberia Inc with a variety of tasks ranging from organization, reporting program support, coordination and others.

Job Purpose: To manage and develop RHSC Liberia volunteer Program in-country

Reporting to:

  1. Manage the Liberia field office
    • Manage the field office and carry out an annual appraisal of all reporting staff
    • Support youth Volunteer Workers (YVWs) in their placements through induction, supervision and appropriate feedback
    • Manage the workload of the field office and monitor the annual work-plan
    • Promote a culture of communication and lesson-learning throughout the Country Program including on spot training, mentorship and other methods
  2. Implement and develop the country strategy
    • Implement and develop the Liberia Program Country Strategy, within nation Service’s overall organisational strategy, consulting widely with partners and other interested parties
    • Produce an annual work-plan
    • Provide direct management support and oversight to national Service’s projects in-country
  3. Develop the country program
    • Travel regularly throughout Liberia, forging relationships with new partners to maximise the effectiveness of our volunteer community development initiatives
  4. Ensure effective monitoring and impact assessment
    • Comply with reporting requirements and ensure compliance on the part of RHSC’s, volunteers’ activities
    • Contribute to the development of systems to better measure and demonstrate the impact of our work
    • Draw up terms of reference for external evaluations
  5. Manage the Program’s finances & fundraising
    • Produce a draft annual budget and monitor expenditure
    • Produce timely monthly accounts and submit to RHSC International Service HQ
    • Collaborate proactively with colleagues in seeking funding for Program, placements and related activities, and in complying with donor requirements
    • Develop and promote a strategy for organisational income generation within Liberia
  6. Communicate Program activities
    • Proactively support International Service’s publicity and communications aims, ensuring contributions from staff, volunteers and beneficiaries in Liberia. Requirements may include contributions to in-house and/or external publications, providing photos, success stories, articles and other materials as requested by RHSC International Service’s communications team.
    • Provide information for RHSC International Service’s global website as required and ensure that the Liberia field office’s website is up to date.
  7. Represent International Service
    • Represent International Service on relevant CBO’s national NGO and GOV bodies and at funding events
    • Represent RHSC International Service on NGO networks and seek to promote effective networking and collaborative working practices throughout the Program

Person specification
RHSC Liberia Inc seeks a person willing to work as volunteer and will in the position be able to use his or personal resources in the execution of his/her duties

Essential requirements:

  • A college degree level or equivalent
  • Minimum 1 years’ experience in a development context, including management of people and resources
  • Substantial knowledge, experience and understanding of development issues in Liberia
Note: all candidate should apply using our official email address in the left corner of our contact.

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